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seca 286 - Wireless ultrasonic measuring station

With the seca 286 we have redefined the technical limit of measuring stations worldwide. Three pairs of ultrasonic sensors record the patient’s height in milliseconds and a specially designed digital evaluation algorithm ensures incomparably high measurement precision. Upon request, a voice guidance system enables an individual or series of measurements to connect to the seca directprint or wirelessly transmit to an EMR system. With a 300 kg capacity and 50 g fine graduation, the high capacity scale accommodates patients of all sizes and provides unparalleled seca quality.
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seca 286dp - Wireless ultrasonic measuring station with directprint.

The ideal practice assistant – fully automated measurements of height and weight and tool for raising awareness of maintaining a healthy weight in one product. Fully automated measurement and direct transmission of measurements via seca 360° wireless USB Adapter seca 456 and an interpretation of measurements using the software module seca directprint.
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seca 284 - Digital measuring station with wireless transmission.

The 360° measuring station seca directprint 284 measures and weighs in a single step. Other benefits include the high-capacity scale integrated in a slip resistant glass platform with an anti-tip column design, heel positioner and the solid headpiece with the integrated seca Frankfurt Line ‒ for precise head positioning. The seca directprint 284 is equipped with two displays, one is for a direct read-out of height from the headpiece and the other, a three-line multi-function touch display that shows height, weight and the automatically calculated BMI. On top of all that, the scale shows the slightest weight changes with its fine 50-gram graduation and wirelessly transmits all measurements via the seca 360° wireless.
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seca 284 dp - Wireless measuring station with directprint.

At the press of a key, the seca directprint 284 measuring station transmits height and weight measurements to your existing printer. Thanks to the advanced 360° wireless technology and software module seca directprint, your patient receives a personalized printout outlining their nutritional condition based on their BMI. The printout provides valuable insight and practical tips on nutrition, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and information regarding energy expenditure during various physical activities. Empower patients to discuss their weight and motivate them to tackle the subject.
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seca 644 - EMR-validated handrail scale with generous platform

The seca 644 handrail scale gives people who are unsteady on their feet the opportunity to hold themselves up. This will reduce the workload for staff and prevent dangerous falls during weighing.
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seca 684 - EMR-validated multifunctional scale

The seca 684 is the perfect weighing solution for those who are no longer steady on their legs. It is large enough to weigh people in wheelchairs and even offers a fold down seat. Optimized: With integrated ramp.
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