Medical Body Composition Analyser

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seca mBCA 514 Medical Body Composition Analyser

The ergonomic design of the seca mBCA benefits everyone. It helps you and your colleagues because you do not have to give time-consuming instructions to your patients. Patients benefit from not having to remove all of their clothing or having wires connected to their body since they can comfortably stand barefoot on the weighing platform. Patients will feel very secure as they step onto the seca mBCA because its low weighing platform is easy accessible and the hand rail provides for a firm and stable grip.
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seca mBCA 525 Portable Medical Body Composition Analyser

Expertly developed for mobile application. The entire development had one goal: to make mobile bioimpedance measurement as efficient as possible through low weight, the most precise measurement technology and easy handling. The seca mBCA 525 is one of a kind in terms of function and performance.
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